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This page provides a log of patch notes for Castaways. The latest updates are at the top of the page, and the older updates are at the bottom of the page. Game updates have a number next to them (for example: 4.0.2) and NFT collections are a clickable link with no number next to them.

The Merchant Update (5.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Merchant Update v5.0.3-alpha[edit]

Castaways Merchant Update v5.0.3 - February 20th, 2023

Ahoy Castaways! The time has finally arrived. EVERYONE GETS AN ISLAND! This update allows anybody to get their own island by trading a compass with the new Captain located in the new Hub. Along with this there are a ton of new features that have been requested for a long time! We are so happy to have this out and we hope you enjoy.


New Content:

  • Free Islands: Any player can create their own island by going to a Hub and talking to the Captain with a Compass in hand.
  • Island Levels: By placing specific blocks down (check the Island Level Page for more details), players can now raise their Island Level in order to participate in the leaderboard to win NFTs.
  • The Island Selector: Press 'I' to pull up the Island Selector. This interface lets you sort by Volcanos, Coal Mines, Iron Mines, All Islands, My Islands, Island Level, Mine Level, or amount of players.
  • Challenges: New beginner challenges have been added that help teach the basics of the game and reward players for completing them.
  • Iron Mines: Iron Mines come on Generation 2 Islands provide players with Raw Iron.
  • Iron Bars: You can Smelt Raw Iron to create Iron Bars which can be placed down to increase Island Level by 4.
  • Iron Blocks: These can be crafted from 9 Iron Bars and placed down to increase your Island Level by 36.
  • Ability to level up Coal Mines and Iron Mines to level 2: This makes them replenish every day at 4pm Pacific Time and useable by any player.
  • Generator Chests: These are located at every level 2 Iron Mine and Coal Mine and allow the mine owner to earn resources passively as players use their mine.
  • New Hub: This replaced the Old Hub. It is much larger and prettier than the old one and also will be the home of NPCs.
  • The Captain: He sits at the end of the dock along with his ship in Hubs. He will provide any player an island in return for a compass.

Castaways - The Islands II[edit]

February 20th, 2023

  • The second generation of islands.
  • A collection of 500 Islands minted for free.
  • Generation Two Islands have Iron Mines and have varying soil quality and soil types. Some contain Buried Treasure.

Merchant Bed Update v5.0.2-alpha[edit]

Castaways Merchant Update v5.0.2 - January 16th, 2023

Ahoy Castaways! The team is continuing to work hard on the Merchant Update! Today we are adding some highly requested decoration items to the game: the Bed and double doors. Along with this we have a few bug fixes.

FmoYQ9zaEAAxO N.jpg

New Decorations:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing coal to be lost when furnaces were unloaded
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from watering mature crops
  • Fixed a bug preventing sandstone from being used in furnaces
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to bypass stack size limits in furnaces
  • Fixed a bug causing some blocks with extensions to stop working when broken down

Merchant Blocks Update Post-Release Fixes v5.0.1-alpha[edit]

Castaways Merchant Update v5.0.1 - January 9th, 2023

Ahoy Castaways! Here's a quick batch of bug fixes related to the merchant block update (v5.0.0).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug causing islands to load multiple of the same block over top of themselves making the game lag
  • Fix bug causing core ore to be mined and not drop coal
  • Fixed bug causing doors to only open on the users browser and not for other players
  • Fixed a few incorrect and outdated icons

Merchant Blocks Updates v5.0.0-alpha[edit]

Castaways Merchant Blocks Update v5.0.0 - January 9th, 2023

Ahoy Castaways! In preparation for the release of public islands in the weeks ahead we are releasing a bunch of new blocks for players to build with (this includes doors!!!!). We are so excited to see what players build with these!

All blocks Final.png

New Smelting Blocks (made with Coal in the Furnace):

New Crafting Blocks:

Tools Required to Break New Blocks:

Note: any new blocks not listed here can be broken by hand

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Increased scrolling speed in crafting menu
  • Fixed the coin toss with the [golden coin] not working
  • Fixed bug causing islands to halt when shutting down
  • Fixed bug causing the game URL to be incorrect
  • Performance improvements

The Homestead Update (4.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Bug Fixes v4.0.1-alpha[edit]

Castaways Homestead Update v4.0.1-alpha - January 5th, 2023

Ahoy Castaways! Today we are fixing a few bugs with seagull poop, notably players being able to push it with rafts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players were able to push seagull poop using their rafts
  • Fixed a bug where players would spawn below blocks and in the water
  • Fixed seagull poop occasionally falling through blocks
  • Removed the Treasure Chests UI from the client
  • Fixed some instances of players dying randomly (there are still some known issues here, WIP)
  • Fixed entities being able to traverse through unloaded or unrendered chunks

Castaways - Genesis[edit]

November 2022

  • A collection of 1000 unique Castaways characters that were airdropped for free
  • Castaways - Genesis holders are automatically airdropped all future 3D-Skin collections relating to the character they own.

The Homestead Update v4.0.0-alpha[edit]

Castaways Homestead Update v4.0.0-alpha - November 28th, 2022

The Island update (3.0.0-alpha)[edit]

The Chest Collection[edit]

November, 2022

  • 10,000 Chests were given out to the top 10k active players
  • Players can use a Rusty Old Key to open these chests and receive a prize
  • The chests must be opened by January 1st, 2023

Castaways - DigiDaigaku Collectibles[edit]

November, 2022

DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key Castaways[edit]

October, 2022

  • A collection of 2022 in game skins that are based off and were airdropped for free to DigiDaigaku Genesis Owners
  • Allowed owners to participate in the DigiDaigaku x Castaways fishing competition.

Castaways - The Islands[edit]

October, 2022

  • The first generation of islands
  • A collection of 500 Island minted for free.
  • Generations One Islands can have of Coal Mines, Volcanos, Ports, Buried Treasure and have varying soil quality and soil types.
  • Island holders get automatically airdropped all future character collections.

The Island update (3.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Castaways Island Update v3.0.0-alpha - October 17th, 2022

The Fishing Update (2.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Castaways - The Raft[edit]

August, 2022

  • A collection of 100 Rafts given out for free.
  • Raft have an event bonus and luck trait
  • Raft holders are automatically airdropped all future Island Collections.

The Fishing Update (2.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Castaways Fishing Update v2.0.0-alpha - July 11th, 2022

The Raft Update (1.0.0-alpha)[edit]

Castaways Raft Update v1.0.0-alpha - May 31st, 2022

This was the first iteration of the game. There was literally nothing to do but endlessly drift around the ocean and chat with anonymous players behind temporary names.


Castaways Pre-alpha - May 26th, 2022

The base raft gameplay was internally tested, and 3 active community members at the time were invited to test the game before it became public.