Empty Tuna Can

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Empty Tuna Can
Icon emptyTunaCan.png
Display Name Empty Tuna Can
Stackable? No
Consumable? N/A
Fishing Properties
Pool Type The Seas
Catch Chance 20%


Empty Tuna Can is a type of Sea Junk that is used for Crafting.

How to Obtain[edit]

The Empty Tuna Can has a 20% chance of being caught when Fishing in open waters in The Seas.

Recipes Using Empty Tuna Cans[edit]

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Inventory 3xIcon emptyTunaCan.png 1xIcon bucket.png
1xIcon stick.png & 1x Icon emptyTunaCan.png 1xIcon dagger.png
2xIcon stick.png & 1x Icon emptyTunaCan.png 4xIcon woodenArrow.png
1xIcon rope.png & 1xIcon stick.png & 1xIcon emptyTunaCan.png 1xIcon spear.png
2xIcon emptyTunaCan.png & 1xIcon bucket.png 1xIcon wateringCan.png