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In castaways various Fish and Sea Junk can be caught using a Fishing Rod.

How to Fish[edit]

Craft a Fishing Rod[edit]

A Fishing RodIcon fishingRod.png is required to fish. A fishing rod can be crafted from 3x SticksIcon stick.png & 2x RopeIcon rope.png. Sticks and Rope can be found floating around the Hub or crafted.

Finding Fish[edit]

Fish will appear around the player every 120-240 seconds of continuous distance traveled. A fish will appear as a small to large-sized silhouette indicating the size of the fish.

Casting a Fishing Rod[edit]

Player casting a line on a fish silhouette
Player casting a line on a fish silhouette

Hold the Fishing Rod as your active item. Right click on the silhouette and you will cast the bobber into the water. The bobber needs to be close to the center of the silhouette for the fish to bite. If the fish is biting, the silhouette will have an animation of the fish starting to nibble at your line.

Rhythm Game[edit]

After a few seconds, the rhythm game will begin. The camera will tilt and grey arrows will appear above the water. Colored arrows will appear from the bottom and will move upwards. These arrows must be pressed in corresponding order when overlapping the grey arrows.
The rhythm game lasts 20 seconds. The player must maintain accuracy to a minimum level to win the rhythm game. If successful, the fish or Sea Junk caught from the water will appear over the players head and will be placed in the player inventory.
If unsuccessful, the player will reel their empty line back in and perform a sad animation.
Whether successful or unsuccessful, hunger is always depleted after the rhythm game is performed.

Scoring System[edit]

During Rhythm Game, each arrow you hit will grant you certain scores, this is crucial when you're competing Big Fish with other players.
Depending on your accuracy, you might see Miss/Normal/Good/Great/Perfect signs, each has different scores.
The Upper limit of scores is 170 points, check the table below for specific scores.
Rhythm Game Score.png

Scoring System
Accuracy level


Fish Sizes[edit]

The fish you catch is determined by the size of the fish silhouette in the water. There are 4 different sizes of fish: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL).
Shrimps, Seahorses and Crabs can be caught from the small silhouette. Clownfish, Pufferfish and Seaturtles can be caught from the medium silhouette. Squids, Dolphins and Sharks can be caught from the L silhouette. Whales can be caught from the XL silhouette.
Icon fishSizes.png

Big Fish[edit]

A big fish is any fish with a silhouette size of L or XL. When a big fish is present, multiple players are required to start the rhythm game. Upon casting a line on a big fish, a popup window will appear above the fish saying it needs more players to be reeled in. This will also show any nearby players that you are trying to reel in a big fish and need help. When the required number of players have casted their lines on to the silhouette, the rhythm game will start. All players with a line hooked on the fish will compete with one another. The player who gets the highest score wins the game and is the only person to receive the big fish.

List of Fish[edit]

Icon Name Spawn Rate Hunger Restored
Icon shrimp.png Shrimp
Icon seahorse.png Seahorse
Icon crab.png Crab
Icon clownfish.png Clownfish
Icon puffer.png Pufferfish
Icon seaTurtle.png Seaturtle
Icon squid.png Squid
Icon dolphin.png Dolphin
Icon shark.png Shark
Icon whale.png Whale

Sea Junk[edit]

Sea Junk can be caught in any part of The Seas where a fish silhouette is not present. The Sea Junk obtained is always random.

List of Sea Junk[edit]

Icon Name Catch Rate
Icon kelp.png Kelp
Icon emptyTunaCan.png Empty Tuna Can
Icon oldBoot.png Old Boot
Icon compass.png Compass
Icon cutlass.png Cutlass
Icon flareGun.png Flare Gun
Icon oldKey.png Rusty Old Key
Icon laserPointer.png Laser Pointer
Icon goldCoin.png Gold Coin
Icon miloDoll.png Milo Doll


Using Worms[edit]

As long as they stay in your Inventory Tab, worms will be used automatically during Rhythm Game to enhance your score. When competing for Big Fish, worms will increase your score by 10% (1.1x).
For example, if you score 15 perfect, without a worm, the usual score will be 15 x 4 = 60 points. But with a worm, your score goes to 15 x (4 x 1.1) = 66 points. The player who had the worm in their pockets has a higher chance of winning the Big Fish.

How to Get Worms?[edit]

Worms will randomly appear when players water Crops. Note that the Crops MUST be dry, don't water early if you want to get worms.
You can water anyone's Crops. Watering does not require island permission.