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For a list of fishable items see Fish and Sea Junk

In castaways various Fish and Sea Junk can be caught.

How to Fish[edit]

Crafting a Fishing Rod is required to fish.

Finding Fish[edit]

Fish will appear next to a player between every 120-240 seconds of continuous distance traveled. A fish will appear as a small to large-sized silhouette indicating the size of the fish.

Casting a Fishing Rod[edit]

Player casting a line on a fish silhouette
Player casting a line on a fish silhouette

Holding the Fishing Rod and right clicking near the silhouette will cast the bobber into the water. The bobber needs to be close to the center of the silhouette for the fish to bite. If the fish is biting, the silhouette will have an animation of pushing and pulling on the bobber.

Sea Junk can be caught in any part of The Seas where a fish silhouette is not present.

Rhythm Game[edit]

After a few seconds, the rhythm game will begin. The camera will tilt and grey arrows will appear above the water. Colored arrows will appear from the bottom and will move upwards. These arrows must be pressed in corresponding order when overlapping the grey arrows. The rhythm game lasts 30 seconds. The player must maintain accuracy to a minimum level to win the rhythm game. If successful, the fish or Sea Junk caught from the water will appear over the players head and will be placed in the player inventory.

If unsuccessful, the player will reel their empty line back in and perform a sad animation.

Whether successful or unsuccessful, hunger is always depleted after the rhythm game is performed.

Big Fish[edit]

A big fish is any fish with a silhouette size of L or XL (see below). When a big fish is present, multiple players are required to start the rhythm game. Upon casting a line on a big fish, a note will appear that the fish needs more players to be reeled in. When the required number of players have casted their lines on to the silhouette, the rhythm game will start. All players with a line hooked on the fish will compete with one another. The player who gets the best score wins the game and receives the big fish.The bigger the shadow of the fish is, the bigger the fish is. When catching big fish of size 3 and above, the interface will display a sign to attract more people to participate in fishing

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