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Icon rope.png
Display Name Rope
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? N/A


Rope is a popular in several Crafting recipes, especially those for tools. It can be found floating around the Seas in Hubs.

How to Obtain[edit]

Rope can be obtained floating in any Hubs, or by Crafting.

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 2x Icon sugarcane.png 1x Icon rope.png

Recipes Using Rope[edit]

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 3xIcon stick.png + 2xIcon rope.png 1xIcon fishingRod.png
1xIcon emptyTunaCan.png & 1xIcon stick.png & 1xIcon rope.png 1xIcon spear.png
3xIcon rope.png & 3xIcon stick.png 1xIcon woodenBow.png
10xIcon blockPalm.png + 10xIcon rope.png 1xIcon raft.png
1xIcon miloDoll.png & 8xIcon kelp.png & 2x Icon oldBoot.png & 4x Icon stick.png & 4x Icon rope.png 1xIcon scarecrow.png
6xIcon blockPalm.png + 6xIcon rope.png + 6xIcon kelp.png + 6xIcon oldBoot.png 1xIcon bed.png