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For the guide on catching fish see (Fishing)

There are many types of fish in Castaways. All fish can be eaten as food to restore hunger.


Fish will appear next to a player between every 120-240 seconds of continuous distance traveled. A fish will appear as a small to large-sized silhouette indicating the size of the fish. Fish can be caught by fishing with a Fishing Rod. To catch a large or extra large fish, 2 players must cast their rods on the large silhouette, or 3 players for the XL silhouette.

List of Fish[edit]

Icon Name Catch Rate
Icon shrimp.png Shrimp 25%
Icon seahorse.png Seahorse 18%
Icon crab.png Crab 15%
Icon clownfish.png Clownfish 12%
Icon puffer.png Pufferfish 10%
Icon seaTurtle.png Seaturtle 6%
Icon squid.png Squid 6%
Icon dolphin.png Dolphin 5%
Icon shark.png Shark 2%
Icon whale.png Whale 1%

Shrimp, Seahorse and Crab can be caught from the S fish circles.

Clownfish, Pufferfish and Seaturtle can be caught from the M fish circles.

Squid, Dolphin and Shark can be caught from the L fish circles.

Whale can be caught from the XL fish circles.

Icon fishSizes.png



Fish can be used as food to restore hunger. To do this, point the camera at your character's face and press the right mouse button.

Homestead update[edit]

Not released yet

Fish will be used for producing seeds. Players will be able to craft a feeder and place fish in it. Then a seagull comes, eats the fish, and leaves the poop instead. The more rare fish placed in the feeder, the higher the chance of rare seeds dropping.