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Icon worm.png
Display Name Worm
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No

The Use of Worms[edit]

When competing for Big Fish, worms will increase your score by 10% (1.1x).
For example, if you score 15 perfect, without worms, the usual score will be 15 x 4 = 60 points.(See Fishing Guide for Scoring system)
But with worms, your score goes to 15 x (4 x 1.1) = 66 points.
The one who has worms in their pockets has a higher chance of winning the Big Fish.

How to Use Worms[edit]

As long as they stay in your Icon inventoryBag.pngInventory Tab, worms will be used automatically during Rhythm Game to enhance your score.

Worms in Inventory.png

How to Get Worms?[edit]

Worms will randomly appear when players water Crops. Note that the Crops MUST be dry, don't water early if you want to get worms.
You can water anyone's Crops. Watering does not require island permission.

Worms appear randomly after watering dry soil.

Easter Egg: Co-Founder Charles Vien is Worm fan, and used to call himself Werms in Discord.