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Welcome to the Castaways Wiki

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Welcome to the Castaways wiki. A publicly accessible and editable wiki for information on the Castaways game by

Basics Items Gameplay
Icon tatteredMap.png Getting Started

Icon compass.png Controls

Icon health full.png Health

Icon hunger full.png Hunger

Icon blockGrass.png Blocks

Icon stoneAxe.png Tools

Icon dagger.png Weapons

Icon clownfish.png Fish

Icon oldBoot.png Sea Junk

Branch island layers.png Islands

Icon stick.png Crafting

Icon fishingRod.png Fishing

Icon coconut.png Farming

Icon stonePickaxe.png Mining

Where to Play

Play Castaways at

What is Castaways?

Castaways is a sandbox game where you are castaway to a small remote island where you must work with others to survive and build a thriving new civilization.


Castaways is an open-world sandbox survival MMO where players starts adrift at sea on a raft or on an island. In the seas players can fish for food, tools and crafting materials before finding an island to call home. Players can harvest the resources on their island to build on it and expand it and invite other players and start a thriving civilisation. Players must initially be strategic with the use of their resources as they may be finite or take long periods of time to replenish to survive. Players can travel the seas to find other islands and trade valuable goods with other castaways or fight them for their loot. The game is currently in Alpha which means it is nowhere near finished, so it can be a bit unstable during updates.