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Farming is one of the core features of Castaways. The original 2 crops are Sugar Cane and Palm Tree. Sugar Cane can be harvested and the plant directly replanted on Grass or Sand. Palm Trees yield wood and Coconuts, and the coconuts can be planted on Sand or Grass to grow more palm trees. The Homestead Update introduced many more Crops. In order to grow these crops the player first needs to gather the corresponding Seeds. Seeds drop from the Bird Feeder when Bird Feeding.

How to Farm

  • Castaways farming is made up of day and night cycles.
  • During the day, birds will come to Bird Feeders to eat the fish inside, and will poop. In the poop you can find seeds used to plant crops.
  • In order to plant the seeds, you need to till the soil using a Wood Hoe or Stone Hoe
  • The crops will need to be watered using a Watering Can. Occasionally when watering a Worm will appear.
  • During the night, birds will come to eat your crops. You can scare them away using a Flare Gun or by placing a Scarecrow.
  • When the crops are mature they can be harvested for their corresponding fruit (e.g. Corn seeds will yield Corn, tomato seeds will yield Tomatos)
  • Crops produce a random quantity of 1-3 each harvest
  • You CANNOT replant the fruit from crops that grow from seed, only seeds can be planted


For a complete list of seeds that be planted, please refer to Seeds.