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Castaways has a composting system using the Composter Icon composter.png. It allows players to create Dirt Icon blockDirt.png using Sand Icon blockSand.png and Crops Icon carrot.png.

Craft a Composter[edit]

Icon Name Crafting Recipe
Icon composter.png Composter 2 Sticks + 2 Stone + 1 Barrel


After placing a Composter right click to bring up the UI. By placing Crops on the left and Sand in the right of the composter, the player can mine Dirt from the space above Composter. The composter holds a total of 60 Sand and 300 Crop Points. Crops are each worth a different amount of Crop Points outlined in the table below.


Composting Recipes[edit]

Input Crop Points Needed Output
60x Sand Icon blockSand.png 100 Crop Points 60x Dirt Icon blockDirt.png

List of Crop Point Values[edit]

Crop Value
Carrots 0.4451
Cabbage 0.5411
Yam 0.6297
Strawberry 0.0505
Coffee 0.0379
Tomato 0.1132
Corn 0.1908
Pineapple 0.4610
Banana 1.0761
Passion Fruit 1.9575
Mango 3.3756
Guava 6.8221
Orange 20.4401
Lemon 81.4269

Crop:Dirt Ratio[edit]

If the crop point is a little hard to calculate, here is the rough Crop:Dirt output ratio.
For example, on average 1 carrot can produce 0.6 Dirt, which means you need at least 2 carrots for 1 Dirt while 5 carrots can produce 3 Dirts.

Crops:Dirt Ratio
Per Crops Dirt Output
Icon carrot.png
Icon cabbage.png
Icon yam.png
Icon strawberry.png
Icon coffeeBeans.png
Icon tomato.png
Icon corn.png
Icon pineapple.png
Icon banana.png
Icon passionFruit.png
Icon mango.png
Icon guava.png
Icon orange.png
Icon lemon.png