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Dabloons Store

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Dabloons Store


Dabloons can be used to acquire various in-game items including machines, bundles & Juicing Crops

Dabloon Purchase Options

Players have the option to buy Dabloons in preset quantities. The cost in USD for each package is as follows:

Number of Dabloons Cost (USD)
4,000 $4.99
8,000 $9.99
17,000 $19.99
45,000 $49.99
100,000 $99.99
225,000 $199.99

Machines and Their Costs

The following machines can be purchased directly using Dabloons:

Machine Dabloons Cost
Generator 4,000
Bird Feeder 4,000
Composter 4,000
Silo 8,000
Processor 17,000
Container 25,000


Bundles provide a cost-effective package of items for players. The available bundles are:

Bundle Items Included Dabloons Cost
Starter Pack 1x Generator, 1x Bird Feeder, 1x Composter 10,000
Generator Pack 6x Generator 20,000
Bird Feeder Pack 6x Bird Feeder 20,000
Composter Pack 6x Composter 20,000
Tycoon Pack 6x Generator, 6x Bird Feeder, 6x Composter 50,000
Machine Pack 2x Processor, 1x Silo, 2x Container 75,000
Stone Factory Pack 6x Generator, 1x Silo, 2x Processor, 2x Container 85,000
Bird Feeder Factory Pack 6x Bird Feeder, 1x Silo, 2x Processor, 2x Container 85,000
Composter Factory Pack 6x Composter, 1x Silo, 2x Processor, 2x Container 85,000
Tycoon Factory Pack 6x Generator, 6x Bird Feeder, 6x Composter, 6x Processor, 3x Silo, 6x Container 225,000

How to Purchase

To purchase items in the Dabloons Store:

  1. Open the in-game store through the main menu.
  2. Select the Dabloons package or bundle you wish to buy.
  3. Confirm the transaction using your preferred payment method.