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Display Name Generator
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No


The Generator is an essential machine, crucial for the ongoing production of Magic Blocks. These blocks are produced by the generator and contain various resources for players to uncover.

Operating on a 24-hour production cycle, the generator requires lava to start on its creation of blocks. You can gather this lava essence using a bucket, with volcanoes serving as the way to obtain the lava.

The Magic Blocks can contain different blocks such as stone, coal, and iron.

Player gets 1 Generator for free. Generator obtained that way is bound to player's island and can not be placed to any other islands.

Transferable Generators can be bought from Dabloons Store.


  • Initiates with the addition of lava.
  • Produces Magic Blocks over a 24-hour cycle.
  • Blocks contain varied resources upon breaking.

Obtaining Lava

  • Lava can be sourced from islands with volcanoes.
  • Requires a bucket for collection.


  • Provides essential resources for survival and building.
  • The rarity of resources varies, offering potential for rare blocks.