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Display Name Silo
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No


The Silo is a storage unit designed to hold and distribute a variety of items, such as fish, lava, sand, and crops, to connected machinery. It is an essential structure for efficient resource management and automation within the game.

Silo can be bought from Dabloons Store.


A Silo functions by connecting to up to six compatible machines, including Bird Feeders, Composters, and Generators. The compatibility of the Silo with connected machines depends on the type of item it is currently storing. For instance, if the Silo is loaded with fish, it will only establish connections with Bird Feeders. Attempting to connect it to a Composter or Generator will result in an error, indicated by the iPad screen turning red.


The true power of the Silo lies in its ability to act as a multiplier for resources. When a single item, like a whale, is placed into the Silo, it can efficiently distribute this item among all six connected Bird Feeders. This functionality is not limited to fish and can be applied similarly to sand, crops, and lava, making the Silo a powerful asset for expanding one's resource output without the need for additional input.

Connection Mechanics

When setting up a Silo, it is crucial to ensure the correct machine pairing:

In the event of an incompatible pairing, the interface will alert the user to the mismatch, preventing resource wastage and allowing for quick troubleshooting.


Utilizing a Silo can drastically enhance productivity by:

  • Reducing the need for manual resource distribution.
  • Increasing the efficiency of connected machines.
  • Allowing for automated resource management.


Players should consider the following strategies:

  • Place the Silo centrally among the machines to be connected for optimal efficiency.
  • Regularly check the interface for any connectivity issues.
  • Plan resource production around the types of machines that will be connected to the Silo.