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Icon blockSand.png
Display Name Sand
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No


Sand is the only block that can be used for planting a Palm Tree. It is also used as a decoration block and for Crafting.

How to obtain[edit]

Stone is required to make sand. Use Stone Sledgehammer to break and obtain sand block. Sand spawns in a quantity of 20 on Islands by default.

Station Input Output
Icon sledgehammer.pngStone Sledgehammer Break 1xIcon blockStone.png with Icon sledgehammer.png 1xIcon blockSand.png

Recipes Using Sand[edit]

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 4x Icon blockSand.png 4x Icon blockSandstone.png
1x Icon blockSand.png & 1x Icon blockDirt.png 1x Icon blockClay.png
Icon furnace.png Smelting 60x Glass Icon blockGlass.png 60x Sand Icon blockSand.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
Icon composter.png Composting 60x Sand Icon blockSand.png & 100 Crop Points 60x Dirt Icon blockDirt.png