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Islands are a place where Castaways can break and place blocks to create whatever their imagination lets them! Each Island also has a level which is based on the blocks that are placed down on the island. Island level decides where they are on the Island Leaderboard. In order to navigate between Islands the player must use the Island Selector.

Creating a Free Island

Anybody can create their own island by going to a Hub and talking to the Captain with aIcon compass.pngCompass in hand. The Captain will take you to your very own Island! To get back to your island in the future go to the Island Selector and select "My Islands."

Base Island

Every Island starts with 1 fully grown Palm Tree, 1 fully grown Sugar Cane, a Wood Axe, and the basic terraformed island featuring 12 blocks of grass, 12 of stone, and 20 blocks of sand. NFT islands also include Resource Generators based on which collection the island is in.

Base island.png

Island Level

The combination of blocks placed down on your island determines your island level. The table below shows how many points each block is worth. A player's total island level can be viewed on the island leaderboard

Block Points
Block Type Point Value
Icon blockStonePolished.pngPolished Stone 2
Icon stairsStonePolished.pngPolished Stone Stairs 2
Icon slabStonePolished.pngPolished Stone Slab 1
Icon blockStoneBricks.pngStone Brick 2
Icon stairsStoneBricks.pngStone Brick Stairs 2
Icon slabStoneBricks.pngStone Brick Slab 1
Icon blockSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone 2
Icon stairsSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone Stairs 2
Icon slabSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone Slab 1
Icon blockBrick.pngBrick 2
Icon stairsBrick.pngBrick Stairs 2
Icon slabBrick.pngBrick Slab 1
Icon blockGlass.pngGlass 2
Icon blockIron.pngIron Block 36
Icon ironBar.pngIron Ingot 4
Any Adult Crop (excluding sugar cane) 1
Any Adult Tree (excluding palm trees) 2
Other 0
Island Level System.png

Island Permissions

Islands permissions are automatically set to owners only, but island owners can use a variety of commands to set permissions for other users. All permissions are set in-game, by typing commands into the chat bar.

Basic Commands

Command Description
/island add [user] This makes the user an admin of the island. They can do anything but add/remove players and set region permissions.
/island op add [user] This makes the user an operator of the island. They can do almost everything, including add/removing players and setting region permissions.

The only thing that is forbidden is to change/remove permissions for the island's owner.

/island [id] Transport to a certain island.

Region Permissions

Region Permissions Commands are introduced in the Homestead update. Island Operators can now define regions with specific permissions in the game.

Define a Region

To define a region, select the Laser Pointer in your toolbar, and then select a 3-dimensional box, by right-clicking the two opposite corners, as shown in the picture below. After setting the second point, a box will appear where you type in the desired name of the region. Hit enter to confirm your region.
If you want to redefine a region, use: /region redefine
If you want to remove a region, use: /region remove [Region Name]

Permissions makeRegion.gif

Regions can be seen as red outlines on the island while holding a laser pointer, and by pointing at a box, the region's name will be displayed.

Set Region Permissions

Once a region is defined, Operators can set flags to their region to specify what permissions region members should inherit.
The command code you need here is: /region flag [name] [flag] [state].
Let's say there is a region called Farmland, but you don't want people to break blocks in it. To achieve this purpose, you need to use this command: /region flag Farmland block-break false.
In this command, [name] is Farmland, [flag] is block-break, and [state] is false.
The table below shows all the available flags right now. You can check flag list in the game with this command: /region help flag

Region Flags
Flag Description
build Everything:

Whether blocks can be mined or placed
Whether entities and blocks can be interacted with (volcano, coal mine)
Whether vehicles (rafts) can be placed etc.

interact Everything that involves 'using' a block or entity:

Whether doors can be used
Whether vehicles (rafts) can be mounted

block-break Whether blocks can be mined (including volcano, coal mine)
block-place Whether blocks can be placed
use Whether doors,levers, etc. can be used
chest-access Whether chests can be accessed
ride Whether vehicles (rafts) can be mounted
vehicle-place Whether vehicles (rafts) can be placed
vehicle-destroy Whether vehicles can be destroyed
item-pickup Whether items can be picked up
item-drop Whether items can be dropped

Granting Permissions

Now you can permit people to access certain regions on your island.
Use the command: /region add [Region Name] [Player Username]

Region Command Table

Command Description
/region list Lists all regions on the island
/region add [Region Name] [Player Username] Add a certain player to a region
/region remove[Region Name] [Player Username] Remove a player from a region
/region remove [Region Name] Removes Certain Region(e.g. /region remove farming)
/region redefine Refine region
/region help flag Lists all flags (things player can do)
/region flag [Region Name] [Flag] [State] Set flags and states on a certain region
/region members [Region Name] List members in specified region

NFT Islands

There are multiple generations of NFT islands in Castaways. Each generation contains a unique resource generator that can be used to create many new Blocks as well as a Soil Type and Soil Quality which impacts Farming!

Castaways - The Islands

Total Supply: 500

Resource Generators: Generation one islands have two exclusive resource generators which are Coal Mines and Volcanos. Each island has a Coal Mine., the up limit for volcanoes and Coal Mine are 2 and 1 respectively. However, some islands might only have 1 resource generator.

Ports: Only 100 Generation 1 islands have Ports, all of which are airdropped to RAFT holders. Ports will be closely connected to the in-game trading system, aka Grand Exchange. Islands that have a port will benefit more from trading activity.

Buried Treasure: Only 25 Generation 1 islands have Buried Treasure, but it's purpose has not been revealed yet.

Castaways - The Islands II

Total Supply: 500

Resource Generators: Generation 2 islands have one exclusive resource generator which are Iron Mines. Each island has 1 Iron Mine.

Buried Treasure: Only 25 Generation 2 islands have Buried Treasure, but it's purpose has not been revealed yet.

Staking an Island

If you own an NFT Island, you must stake it in order to gain permissions to play on your island. The following tutorial explains how to stake your island.
Island Staking Guide - v1-05.png


Island Staking Guide - v1-08666.png