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Castaways has a Smelting system using the Furnace Icon furnace.png. It allows players to create new blocks using Coal as a fuel source.

Crafting a Furnace[edit]

Icon Name Crafting Recipe
Icon blockFurnace.png Furnace 1 Bucket + 8 Stone


You need to acquire the proper materials before being able to smelt the items you want.

You need both materials and fuel to smelt. The output product of smelting will appear in the center of the furnace as a block, you must collect/break them so that the next block can appear. The fuel source will keep burning as long as it is placed in the furnace, so do it fast or you will waste some fuel. The furnace will output 1 block every 5 seconds.

List of all Smelting Recipes[edit]

Output Input
60x Stone Icon blockStone.png & 1x bucket Icon bucket.png 1x Lava bucket Icon bucketLava.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Brick Icon blockBrick.png 60x Clay Icon blockClay.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Glass Icon blockGlass.png 60x Sand Icon blockSand.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Polished Sandstone Icon blockSandstonePolished.png 60x Sandstone Icon blockSandstone.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Polished Stone Icon blockStonePolished.png
60x Stone Icon blockStone.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Iron Bars Icon ironBar.png
60x Raw Iron Icon rawIron.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png