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Icon blockStone.png
Display Name Stone
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No


Stone is one of the first obtained blocks. Stone can be used for Crafting, Smelting, or for decoration.

How to Obtain[edit]

Stone can be obtained via the 12 stone below a fresh island or via lava and coal in a furnace.

Station Input Output
Icon furnace.png Furnace 1x Icon bucketLava.png & 8x Icon coal.png 60x Icon blockStone.png & 1x Icon bucket.png(when lava is used up)

Recipes Using Stone[edit]

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 3xIcon blockStone.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon stoneAxe.png
3xIcon blockStone.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon stonePickaxe.png
1xIcon blockStone.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon stoneShovel.png
4xIcon blockStone.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon sledgehammer.png
2xIcon blockStone.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon stoneHoe.png
8xIcon blockStone.png & 1xIcon bucket.png 1xIcon furnace.png
2xIcon stick.png & 2xIcon blockStone.png & 1xIcon barrel.png 1xIcon composter.png
6xIcon blockStone.png 4xIcon stairsStone.png
3xIcon blockStone.png 6xIcon slabStone.png
Icon furnace.png Furnace 60xIcon blockStone.png & 8xIcon coal.png 60xIcon blockStonePolished.png
Icon sledgehammer.png Stone Sledgehammer Break Icon blockStone.png with Icon sledgehammer.png Icon blockSand.png