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Factories are comprised of various machines, each integral to the game's production and automation system. Below is a brief overview of each factory machine and a link to their dedicated pages for more detailed information.

Factory Machines

  • Generator: Generates essential resources automatically and is the starting point for any production line. Learn more
  • Silo: Stores and distributes bulk resources like fish, lava, and crops, and can connect to multiple machines. Learn more
  • Processor: Transforms raw materials into more refined products, crucial for advancing in the game. Learn more
  • Container: Organizes and holds items, increasing the efficiency and capacity of your storage system. Learn more
  • Composter: Allows players to create Dirt using Sand and Crops. Learn more
  • Bird Feeder: Seagulls will come to eat the Fish or Seeds out of a Bird Feeder, and will subsequently poop. The player can mine the poop to potentially harvest Seeds Learn more

Enhancing Efficiency

Players can enhance their factory's efficiency by strategically combining these machines, optimizing resource flow, and upgrading machinery.

For insights on the best practices for setting up and managing your factory, visit the pages linked above.