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Permissions are an important gameplay mechanic to determine which players can do which actions on an Island. When an Island is first started, only the owner will have permissions. Permissions are all used by typing specific commands in chat that are outlined below.

List of Island Permissions[edit]

  • /island add <username> - Using this command makes the user an admin and gives them ALL permissions over your island regardless of region permissions!!! They can drop/pick up items, break/place blocks, mine coal, harvest lava, access chests.
  • /island <island number> - Teleport to the island number specified
  • /hub <hub number> - Teleport to the hub number specified
  • /island members - shows all members added to the current island
  • /island remove <username> - removes a player that has already been added to an island
  • /island motd <message> - Set a message that players see in chat upon visiting your island.
  • /region help - help with all region commands.
  • /region define <name> - Use the Laser Pointer to select a region, then run region define. The region will be highlighted in red and display it's name when pointed at with the Laser Pointer.
  • /region remove <name> - Delete an existing region
  • /region redefine <name> - Redefine the area of an existing region.
  • /region list - List all regions on the current Island
  • /region add <name> <username> - Add a user to a specific region and will inherit permissions.
  • /region remove <name> <username> - Remove a user from a specific region and permissions.

Region Flags[edit]

Users can set flags to their region to specify what permissions region members should inherit.

  • /region flag <name> <flag> <state>
Flag Type Description
build state Everything:
  • Whether blocks can be mined or placed
  • Whether entities and blocks can be interacted with (volcano, coal mine)
  • Whether vehicles (rafts) can be placed
  • etc.
interact state Everything that involves ‘using’ a block or entity:
  • Whether doors can be used
  • Whether vehicles (rafts) can be mounted
block-break state Whether blocks can be mined (including volcano, coal mine)
block-place state Whether blocks can be placed
use state Whether doors, levers, etc. can be used
chest-access state Whether chests can be accessed
ride state Whether vehicles (rafts) can be mounted
vehicle-place state Whether vehicles (rafts) can be placed
vehicle-destroy state Whether vehicles can be destroyed
item-pickup state Whether items can be picked up
item-drop state Whether items can be dropped

Permission setting.png