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Iron Bucket

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Iron Bucket
Icon ironBucket.png
Display Name Iron Bucket
Stackable? No
Consumable? Yes
Crafting Recipe
Ingredients Ironingot.pngx3
Output Quantity 1


A Iron Bucket is an item which can be used on the top of a Volcano to obtain a Lava bucket.

How to Obtain

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 3xIroningot.png 1xIcon ironBucket.png

Recipes using the Iron Bucket

Station / Location Input Output
Volcanosmall.png Volcano 1xIcon ironBucket.png 1xIcon ironBucketLava.png
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 2xIroningot.png & 1xIcon ironBucket.png 1xIcon ironWateringCan.png