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Iron Ingot

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Iron Ingot
Icon ironBar.png
Display Name Iron Bar
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? N/A


Iron Ingot is used for decoration or Crafting Tools. Placed on Island grants 4 points towards Island Level.

How to Obtain

You can obtain an Iron Ingot by Smelting Raw Iron in the furnace or destroying Magic Blocks created by a Generator.

Recipes Using Iron Bars

Station Input Output
Icon furnace.png Smelting 60x Raw Iron Icon rawIron.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png 60x Iron Ingots Icon ironBar.png
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 9x Iron Ingots Icon ironBar.png 1x Iron Block Icon blockIron.png
3xIroningot.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon ironPickaxe.png
3xIroningot.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon ironAxe.png
1xIroningot.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIronShovel.png
2xIroningot.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon ironHoe.png
4xIroningot.png & 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon ironSledgehammer.png
2xIroningot.png & 1xIcon ironBucket.png 1xIcon ironWateringCan.png
3xIroningot.png 1xIcon ironBucket.png