Palm Wood

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Palm Wood
Icon blockPalm.png
Display Name Palm Wood
Stackable? Yes
Consumable? No


Palm Wood is a block that is used for Crafting and as a decoration. Palm wood can be placed in the world, and will change appearance based on direction. For example if you click the side of an adjacent block, it will be placed sideways. If you place the top of a block below it will be placed upward.

How to Obtain[edit]

Palm Wood is a Block that is harvested from Palm Trees using any type of AxeIcon woodAxe.png. A mature palm tree gives 4x Palm WoodIcon blockPalm.png, and a mini-palm tree gives 2x Palm WoodIcon blockPalm.png.

Recipes Using Palm Wood[edit]

Station Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 1xIcon blockPalm.png 4xIcon stick.png
1xIcon blockPalm.png 4xIcon blockPlanks.png
3xIcon blockPalm.png 6xIcon slabWood.png
6xIcon blockPalm.png 4xIcon stairsWood2.png
1xIcon blockPalm.png 1xIcon itemFrame.png
8xIcon blockPalm.png 1xIcon woodenChest.png
8xIcon blockPalm.png 1xIcon barrel.png
2xIcon blockPalm.png 1xIcon doorPalm.png
3xIcon blockPalm.png + 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon woodAxe.png
4xIcon blockPalm.png + 2xIcon stick.png 4xIcon woodenFence.png
3xIcon blockPalm.png + 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon woodPickaxe.png
2xIcon blockPalm.png + 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon woodHoe.png
1xIcon blockPalm.png + 2xIcon stick.png 1xIcon woodShovel.png
10xIcon blockPalm.png + 10xIcon rope.png 1xIcon raft.png
1xIcon blockPalm.png + 1xIcon stick.png 1xIcon birdFeeder.png
6xIcon blockPalm.png + 6xIcon rope.png + 6xIcon kelp.png + 6xIcon oldBoot.png 1xIcon bed.png