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Levelling is an important game mechanic in Castaways. There are 6 skills total and each player starts at level 0 in all 6 skills. You gain XP in a skill passively by doing actions pertaining to a certain skill.

Skills Menu

The skills menu provides you important information about levelling up. To open the skills menu click the icon of the characters face in the top right of your UI. The left part of your skills screen shows each skill and what level they are currently at. You can click on a skill to select one & access additional info:

  1. What level you currently are
  2. How much XP is needed until your next level up
  3. Which blocks/items are required to sacrifice to level up the currently selected skill (click the question mark)
  4. How much XP those blocks/items give you (click the question mark)
  5. Abilities and what levels they are unlocked at


Levelling up a skill provides a new Ability every 10 levels. These can be found on the Abilities page.

  • Building
  • Fishing
  • Excavation
  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Woodcutting


Block XP Given
Polished Stone 0.625
Polished Stone Stairs 0.625
Polished Stone Slab 0.3125
Stone Brick 0.625
Stone Brick Stairs 0.625
Stone Brick Slab 0.3125
Polished Sandstone 0.625
Polished Sandstone Stairs 0.625
Polished Sandstone Slab 0.3125
Brick 0.625
Brick Stairs 0.625
Brick Slab 0.3125
Glass 0.625


Item XP Given
Shrimp 0.8
Seahorse 1.111111111
Crab 1.333333333
Clownfish 1.666666667
Pufferfish 2
Sea Turtle 3.333333333
Squid 3.333333333
Dolphin 4
Shark 10
Whale 20


Block XP Given
Sand 0.625
Dirt 7.222
Grass 7.222
Clay 7.847


Item XP Given
Coal 5
Raw Iron 5
Iron Ingot 6.25
Coal Block 45
Iron Block 56.25


Block XP Given
Carrots 0.5
Cabbage 1.5
Yam 3
Coffee 5
Strawberry 6
Tomato 8
Corn 16
Pineapple 32
Banana 64
Passion Fruit 100
Mango 100
Guava 100
Orange 128
Lemon 128


Block XP Given
Palm Wood 0.05
Wood Plank 0.0125