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Icon furnace.png
Display Name Furnace
Stackable? No
Consumable? No


The Furnace is a utility block that is used for smelting to create new Blocks.

How to Obtain

Station / Location Input Output
Icon inventoryBag.png Crafting 8xIcon blockStone.png & 1xIcon bucket.png 1xIcon furnace.png

Using a Furnace

A furnace takes an input and consumes a fuel source to convert its input into an output. The output slot of the furnace is in the center of the furnace block and its contents need to be mined to be picked up. When a fuel source is supplied in a furnace it starts burning immediately.

List of all Smelting Recipes

Output Input
60x Brick Icon blockBrick.png 60x Clay Icon blockClay.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Glass Icon blockGlass.png 60x Sand Icon blockSand.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Polished Sandstone Icon blockSandstonePolished.png 60x Sandstone Icon blockSandstone.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Polished Stone Icon blockStonePolished.png
60x Stone Icon blockStone.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png
60x Iron Ingots Icon ironBar.png
60x Raw Iron Icon rawIron.png & 8x Coal Icon coal.png