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Trading is an important part of Castaways and a way to earn Dabloons without using the Dabloons Store. Player's can use the Grand Exchange to buy items for Dabloons and use Ports to sell items on the Grand Exchange for Dabloons.

The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is a pivotal place in the Hub where players buy items using Dabloons. In order to use the Grand Exchange go to the central area of the hub Hub labelled "Grand Exchange". Speak with a business NPC by left clicking or tapping on them. This will open a UI which allows you to select the item you would like to purchase, and then further select the exact amount you want to buy and the amount of Dabloons you have to pay.
The Grand Exchange


Ports are where players can put items for sale on the grand exchange. There are 100 Ports total and each has a unique name and rotate which 4-5 items can be sold at them each day. The owner of the port collects Dabloon royalties on sales that go through it. Players can easily travel to the port of their choosing by teleporting to it through the sell tab in the Grand Exchange.

Using a Port

4-5 different items can be sold at each port, and they change every 24 hours. In order to sell an item at a port you must first find the port allowing sale of the specific item. You can view which items can sell at which ports through the Grand Exchange sell tab, and also automatically teleport to the port too. Right click on the business person at the trade counter of the port to open the port UI. Using the port you have 3 options:

  • Sell: Sell one of the items provided in the middle of the screen by clicking/tapping on it. Then select the amount of the item and price per item and lastly hit confirm.
  • Collect: Collect any Dabloons made from selling items.
  • Manage: Delete and edit any of your currently posted listings