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Island Selector

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The Island Selector is the portal for visiting Islands around the Castaways sea! You can access it by pressing 'I' on your keyboard or clicking on theIcon tatteredMap2.pngMap Icon at the top right of your screen.

Using the Island Selector

The basic interface will let you sort between Volcanos, Coal Mines, Iron Mines, All Islands, or My Islands. You can also access the Hub from here. Clicking any of the options will open a second menu, except "Go To Hub" which will teleport you immediately. The second menu is a list of Islands and they can be sorted in a variety of different ways including by Island Level, mine level, amount of players, and all the previous sorting options above. It also displays the active tournament in the top banner. By clicking on an island, it will open a smaller interface that allows you to either teleport to the island, check it out on OpenSea, or look at which Resource Generators they have. If you own an NFT island this is also where you can Stake or Unstake it.
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