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The player's hunger bar is located to the right of the Health bar. Players start with full hunger represented by 10x Icon hunger full.png.

Each half Icon hunger halfFull.png represents one hunger point. A full health player will have a total of 20 hunger points represented by . Once the player has 4 hunger points () or lower their character will begin to play a hungry animation.

When a player takes damage, their Hunger Icon hunger full.png will be used to restore their Health Icon health full.png at a 1:1 ratio. Hunger can be restored by eating FoodIcon carrot.png. Food can be eaten by holding it your hand and right clicking the character model. Different foods will provide the player different hunger values.

Hunger Exhaustion

How Does Hunger Exhaustion Work?

Hunger Exhaustion is a value that builds up as the player does the various actions outlined below. The hunger exhaustion value builds up to 4.0 and then drains one hunger point (Icon hunger halfFull.png) and the players hunger exhaustion value resets back to 0 for the process to start again.

Hunger Exhaustion Depletion Values

Action Amount Depleted
Swim (1 Meter or 2 Blocks) .01
Rafting (1 Meter or 2 Blocks) .0033
Walking (1 Meter or 2 Blocks) .01
Sprinting (1 Meter or 2 Blocks) .1
Jumping Once .05
Fishing Once 1
Mining 1 Block .005
Digging 1 Block .005
Woodcutting 1 Block .005
Sledgehammering 1 Block .005
Tilling 1 Dirt .005
Filling a Bucket .005
Watering a Plant .005
Using a Barrel .005