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There are many types of food in Castaways. Eating food is required to restore your hunger and regenerate your health.


Icon Name Hunger Restored
Icon shrimp.png Shrimp
Icon seahorse.png Seahorse
Icon crab.png Crab
Icon clownfish.png Clownfish
Icon puffer.png Pufferfish
Icon seaTurtle.png Seaturtle
Icon squid.png Squid
Icon dolphin.png Dolphin
Icon shark.png Shark
Icon whale.png Whale

Sea Junk

Icon Name Hunger Restored
Icon kelp.png Kelp


Icon Name Hunger Restored
Icon coffeeBeans.png Coffee (cannot be eaten)
Icon carrot.png Carrots
Icon cabbage.png Cabbage
Icon yam.png Yam
Icon strawberry.png Strawberry
Icon tomato.png Tomato
Icon corn.png Corn
Icon pineapple.png Pineapple


Icon Name Hunger Restored
Icon banana.png Banana
Icon passionFruit.png Passion Fruit
Icon mango.png Mango
Icon guava.png Guava
Icon orange.png Orange
Icon lemon.png Lemon