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User Profile

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User Profile

The user profile can be accessed by clikcing on ot tapping the castaway characters head Skillssss.png in the top right of the screen. Player-screen.png

  1. The Joined area in the top left indicates when the player joined and created their account.
  2. The Character Name indicates the player whose profile you are viewing. This will always say "YOU" if your profile is open.
  3. The Dabloon tab will show your current amounts of Dabloons.
  4. The Sandollar tab will show your current amount of Sandollars.
  5. The Island button will navigate you to you "My Islands" selection page.
  6. The Skills tab will take you to you players skill tree.
  7. The Skins tab will take you to the skins selection and purchasing page.
  8. The Pets tab will take you to the Pets selection and purchasing page.
  9. The friends tab will open the friends window. There you will be able to see all the friends you have online.
  10. The sign in page will only appear when you havnt signed into an existing account.