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11/20 Update by Toolepac[edit]

Added the CN version of the main page.Main Page (CN-version) I'm currently setting up separate Chinese versions of all existing pages. I might have made a mistake yesterday by putting all translated content on the discussion page. I would appreciate it if the team can offer some feedback on my work so I can optimize them.



1.首先在进入游戏后,必须要注册,因为游戏权益是跟你邮箱绑定的,要注册点击右上角钥匙。进入游戏我们是坐在木筏上的,接下来我们就需要在海面上来回逛逛收集木棍和绳子,这是我们制作鱼竿所需要用到的工具,游戏设定中人物是有饥饿值的,饥饿值掉完之后就会死亡,背包里的所有物品就会丢失,所以在这个游戏里第一任务就是生存,生存就需要钓鱼,钓鱼就需要用到鱼竿。搜集完物资之后点击背包,选择鱼竿 就可以合成了。

2.在海面上漂流时我们会发现水下有阴影,这就是我们的食物-鱼了,点击鼠标右键甩鱼竿,等鱼儿上钩之后就是钓鱼界面,只需要按准对应的箭头即可。鱼按体型可以分为四种,鲸鱼;大鱼—乌贼 鲨鱼 海豚;中鱼—乌龟 河豚 小丑鱼,小鱼—虾 海马 螃蟹:对应的增加饱腹感从上往下递减。当然了,海里并不只是有鱼儿,还有许多有趣的东西,当你朝着没有鱼儿影子的海面甩竿,它们就会随机出现!你可能会钓上来破靴子,信号枪,手电筒,锋利的刀,甚至是..神秘娃娃或是一枚比特币!当然它只存在于游戏中lol。


NFT Collections[edit]

Hi all, I'll start by saying that to get NFT the conditions are constantly changing, which gives great interest in each new collection and each collection you can sell and buy on the OpenSea site.

1. Castaways - The Raft.'

100 - Created August 2022 - Creator Reward 10% - Ethereum Chain

The first NFT collection for Castaways by Branch. The Raft is a simple water craft constructed of wood and rope, useful for finding unclaimed islands. Its enhanced propulsion makes it essential for effective navigation over large bodies of water.

2. Castaways - Islands.

Items 500 - Created October 2022 - Creator Reward 10% - Ethereum Chain

The second NFT collection for Castaways by Branch. A small remote island where you must work with others to survive and build a thriving new civilization. You must strategically use what is available on your island so that you can survive and produce more resources in the future. To thrive on the island, you can check out the crafting that is painted on the main Wiki page.

3.DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key Castaways

Items 2,022 - Created October 2022 - Creator Reward 10% - Ethereum Chain

DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key Castaways is a useful token that allows owners to play the game Castaways as a specific DigiDaigaku Genesis character. This token was developed by Branch in conjunction with the DigiDaigaku project team. For more information, visit our Twitter page. The character is a beautiful skin on an anime chan.

4.Castaways - DigiDaigaku Collectibles

Items 10 - Created November 2022 - Creator Reward 0% - Ethereum Chain

Collectibles won in the DigiDaigaku x Castaways fishing contest held in October 2022! These collectibles can be used anywhere in the Castaways seas!

5. Castaways - Treasure Chests

Items 8,778 - Created in November 2022 - Creator Reward 10% - Ethereum Chain

The third NFT collection for Castaways by Branch.Airdropped on November 15 for the 10,000 most active players in Castaways, treasure chests can be burned after the launch of the Homestead Update for prizes ranging from NFTs from our past collections, in-game items, and more! One NFT is a chest with an item in it and no one knows which one, anything can fall.

Bugs and suggestions for all to see.[edit]

Hello all, fishermen. Please write here your observations that interfere or complicate the game, thank you.

1. There are fish that swim but it is impossible to catch them. Please remove this bug, it is misleading in the process of the game.

2. When logging into your account, you cannot transfer copied text, email, password, etc. This is not convenient, I ask to add such an option.

3. there is no chat for communication in a particular hub or on a particular island. If you add such a feature, then the communication will become easier and more controllable.

A detailed beginner's guide[edit]

Hi all, I noticed that there is no step-by-step instruction for new players on how to get started in Castaways. I've decided to describe each step and give you all the details to make learning easy for new players.

Sign up

First, go to and click on "Play Alpha".

After this, we find ourselves in the game. We can immediately start playing, catching fish. But the progress is not saved. In order to save everything in the blockchain and we do not play in vain, we must register.

So, to start, we click on the key at the top right.

After that, we will need to enter a mail or phone number. Here already as it is more convenient for you.

Once we have specified e-mail, we get a one-time code for e-mail. We insert it and go on.

After registration, we are asked to connect a wallet. We click on "connect wallet" and sign everything we need in the metamask.

The first steps

-We appear on the spawning area. The first thing we need to find resources for crafting a fishing rod (3 sticks and 2 rope).

-Looking for resources should be in the ocean, they appear near the player if he swims (do not stand still).

-To pick up the resources - you just need to swim up and they will pick up themselves. The game is still in its early stages, because the resource may not be taken immediately, swim at it, and it will appear in your inventory.

-Well, we've gathered the right amount of resources, now how do we assemble a fishing rod?

-That's easy, we just open our inventory (letter E) and click on the fishing rod in the "Crafting" window.

Done. Your fishing rod is now in your inventory.


Now that we've got our fishing rod, how do we catch fish? Simple.

We swim in the ocean and look for a black spot in the water that moves and creates little waves. That will be our target.

In order for the fish to appear, we need to move, to swim. Fish appear where there are more players and more movement. You can think of it as bait.

Types of fishing. There are two types of fishing. Small fish and big fish. What is the difference between them? You can't get the big fish by yourself and you need help from your friends. Let's break them down one by one:

-Classic fishing (small):

Here we found what we were looking for, take a fishing rod in hand, put the cursor on the fish and click the right mouse button.

We threw the rod, the fish starts to bite. Now we have a scene in which we need to click on the arrows in time. The more accurate the better. ⬅️⬇️⬆️➡️

-Professional (big) fishing:

Sometimes there are big fish, which you can't pull out with just one rod. This is where brotherly help is needed.

The list of big fish includes the following species: Dolphin, Shark, Octopus. It requires two people at the same time.

Then there's the huge fish, the Whale. You need 3 rods at once.

As soon as you throw a fishing rod you immediately get a sign that says "Wow, the fish is really big. Call your friends because you won't pull it out by yourself and you'll only break the rod..."

But it's not that simple. If you bring your friends, it doesn't mean you'll divide the octopus into several parts, or that you'll each get a fish separately.

The fish will only go to whoever hits all the arrows most accurately.


There is such a thing as hunger in the game. You have to eat to fill up your satiety level.

-Eat fish, of course, that we catch. And then there's the seaweed.

-To eat a fish, you have to pick it up and press the PKM on any empty spot.

-Each fish starves you differently:

-Health is wasted quickly if you swim long hours in the ocean without a raft. If you just don't eat and your satiety bar is at zero, hunger will kill you slowly and painfully.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me. I would be happy to answer them all. Welcome to Castoways!