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Castaways - The Raft[edit]

Released on August 2022. A collection of 100 Rafts is given out for free as the very first Castaways NFT collection.

  • Rafts are eligible for every future airdrop and enjoy bonuses on trading and events.
  • Rafts holders will receive a share of trading royalties in Grand Exchange.
  • Rafts will be able to upgrade into other marine vehicles and enjoy different buffs.

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Castaways - The Islands (Generation 1)[edit]

Released on August 2022. Generation 1 is the first generation of islands. A collection of 500 islands were minted for free in August.

  • Gen-1 islands are equipped with Coal Mines, Volcanos, Ports, and Buried Treasure.
  • Only Gen-1 islands have Coal Mines.
  • Different soil quality and soil types will affect the crops' maturity time.
  • Gen-1 island holders received airdrop of Gen-1 Treasure Chests and Genesis Characters.

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DigiDaigaku - Genesis Adventure Key Castaways[edit]

Released in October 2022. Genesis Adventure Key Castaways are a total of 2022 unique in-game skins that are based on and airdropped to DigiDaigaku Genesis owners.

  • Required to participate in the DigiDaigaku x Castaways fishing competition.
  • In-game character skin.
  • Those who activated Adventure Keys received Gen-1 Treasure Chests.
  • Eligible to participate in future DigiDaigaku x Castaways events.

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Castaways - DigiDaigaku Collectibles[edit]

Released in November 2022. DigiDaigaku collectibles are ten 1-of-1 NFT prizes given to winners of the DigiDaigaku x Castaways fishing contest held in October 2022!

  • To significantly increase your Island score and ranks when being placed on an Island.
  • To produce in-game Non-NFTs duplicates.

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Icon Name Ranking Winner
Icon gabeDoll.png
Gabe Doll
1st place prize
Icon UFOstatue.png
UFO Statue
2nd place prize
Icon astronautDoll.png
Astronaut Doll
3rd place prize
Icon pinkLollipop.png
Pink Lollipop
4th place prize
Icon octopusDoll.png
Octopus Doll
5th place prize
Icon blueLollipop.png
Blue Lollipop
6th place prize
Icon pandaDoll.png
Panda Doll
7th place prize
Icon bobaStatue.png
Boba Statue
8th place prize
Icon teddyBearDoll.png
Teddy Bear Doll
9th place prize
Icon candyDoll.png
Candy Doll
10th place prize

Castaways - Treasure Chests[edit]

Released in November 2022. A collection of 10000 chests were airdropped to the most active Castaways players for free.

  • Players could use a Rusty Old Key in-game to burn their chest and receive a prize.
  • Those who have opened or burned Gen-1 chests by January 1st, 2023, and those who still holding one will be eligible for Gen-2 chests airdrop.
  • Gen-1 chests are no longer able to burn/open.

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Castaways - Genesis[edit]

Released in November 2022. A collection of 1000 unique Castaways characters were airdropped to Island owners and active Castaways players.

  • Castaways - Genesis is an NFT factory. Genesis holders will receive airdrops of all future 2D PFP and 3D in-game character skins.
  • Genesis characters have 45 professions, which decide future airdrops' professions and have a huge role in the game ecosystem.
  • 400 Genesis characters are equipped with the 'Luggage' trait. This has something to do with future in-game activities.

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