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In castaway, you can collect Coal in the coal mine. Stone and sand can be created with coal and lava bucket in furnace.

How to Mine?[edit]

Crafting a Pickaxe or Stone Sledgehammer is needed to mine.

Coal Mining[edit]

This is what coal mine looks like, not every island has coal mine.

Island members are able to mine coal. In order to do that, a pickaxe is needed to breaking the coal ore, if you break coal ore with hands or any other tools, you won't get any coal.

Stone and Sand[edit]

You will need lava bucket and coal to smelt stone.

Every 24 hours lava spawns at the top of volcano which can be collected with a bucket.

Furnace has two spaces, you need to put coal and lava bucket in it.


After that, the furnace will start to produce stone block.

Break the stone block!

Break the block with pickaxe and get stone or break it with Stone Sledgehammer to get sand. Note: You must use pickaxe or Stone Sledgehammer to break the block! Or the block will disappear and you'll get nothing.

Stone to Sand Transformation[edit]

Break stone block with Stone Sledgehammer , and you will get a piece of sand in return.