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Where can I play the game?[edit]

You can play the game by clicking this page.

Step 1: Spawn[edit]

After a quick website loading process, you will spawn in the hub, which is a public and safe space for all players. Your character will have a name starts with 'unknown-'.

Step 1 Spwan.png

Step 2: Log-in[edit]

Click the key icon on the top-right of the screen.

Step 2 Log in.png

You need to validate with email or phone. Once you complete this process, you should see this.

This is how successful log-in looks like.

Step 3: Get a Username[edit]

Now get yourself a cool username. Usernames are tradable in future, so select a cool one. I'll go with 0xbitcoin here.

Step 3 username.png

Step 4: Connect wallet[edit]

It's not a must-do process, but you need to connect wallet to select your skins/islands or get any future airdrop.

Find the key icon again, click it. You'll find a box says 'Connect Wallect'.

Step 4 wallet.png

Follow the step and connect, until you see this message.

Step 4.png

Step 5: Enjoy the game[edit]

You're good to go! You should probably start with finding sticks and ropes first to make a Fishing Rod.You can check this [[1]] for more detailed guidance.

Tool bar[edit]

The upper toolbar is divided into three sections


the first section on the left side we have the rescue float that will give us the link to Castaways discord


The second section in the center of the screen has access to enable/disable the microphone, enable/disable the chat, and copy the invitation link.


The third section located on the left side of the screen gives access to different options: claim chests, equip our DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key Castaways, access collectibles, access to equip our island and finally login and connect our wallet.