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Coal Mine

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Lvl. 1 Coal Mine
Lvl. 2 Coal Mine
Upgrading Coal Mine


A Coal mine is a Resource Generator. Coal mines are a generative source ofIcon coal.pngCoal which is the most important resource in the game and used for Smelting. Island owners can be upgrade their coal mine to allow other players to use them while earning Coal passively.

How to Use

Anyone to use the Coal Mine by walking up to it. In the mines a coal will spawn periodically according to a timer displayed at the top of the screen. By destroying the block of Coal Ore using a Pickaxe the player can obtain a piece Coal. The mines refills with Coal every hour.

Earn Coal Passively

The owner of the coal mine will passively gain Coal in their Generator Chest when their mine is used by anybody. The amount in the Generator Chest will be equal to the amount mined from the Mine. Right click on the Generator Chest to access the interface. Note that if the generator chest can only hold 64 items, you will not receive any additional royalties until the chest is emptied.

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