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Mining is one of the essential ways to break blocks and to grow your Island in Castaways. It is the act of using a tool to break a block.

How to Mine[edit]

The player needs to start by Crafting a Pickaxe or Stone Sledgehammer. Certain tools are needed to mine certain blocks, otherwise the item will not drop when broken.

Tools Required to Break Blocks[edit]

note: Any block created by Smelting in the Icon furnace.pngFurnace must be broken with a pickaxe.

Tool Block
Icon woodPickaxe.png Wood Pickaxe or better Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Iron Bars, Stone, Stone Stairs, Stone Slabs, Brick, Brick Stairs, Brick Slabs, Polished Stone, Polished Stone Stairs, Polished Stone Slabs, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Slabs, Sandstone, Sandstone Slabs, Sandstone Stairs,
Carved Sandstone, Carved Sandstone Slabs, Carved Sandstone Stairs, Polished Sandstone, Polished Sandstone Slabs
Icon stonePickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe Coal Block, Iron Block
Icon sledgehammer.png Stone Sledgehammer The only way to get Sand is to break Stone with the Stone Sledgehammer.