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Island Level

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Island Levels[edit]

The combination of blocks placed down on your island determines your island level. The table below shows how many points each block is worth. Your island level determines where you are located on the leaderboard. Island levels also decide the winners of tournaments where players can win NFT prizes.

Block Points
Block Type Point Value
Icon blockStonePolished.pngPolished Stone 2
Icon stairsStonePolished.pngPolished Stone Stairs 2
Icon slabStonePolished.pngPolished Stone Slab 1
Icon blockStoneBricks.pngStone Brick 2
Icon stairsStoneBricks.pngStone Brick Stairs 2
Icon slabStoneBricks.pngStone Brick Slab 1
Icon blockSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone 2
Icon stairsSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone Stairs 2
Icon slabSandstonePolished.pngPolished Sandstone Slab 1
Icon blockBrick.pngBrick 2
Icon stairsBrick.pngBrick Stairs 2
Icon slabBrick.pngBrick Slab 1
Icon blockGlass.pngGlass 2
Icon blockIron.pngIron Block 36
Icon ironBar.pngIron Bar 4
Any Adult Crop (excluding sugar cane) 1
Any Adult Tree (excluding palm trees) 2
Other 0
Island Level System.png