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Iron Mine

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Lvl. 1 Iron Mine
Lvl. 2 Iron Mine
Upgrading Iron Mine


An Iron mine is a Resource Generator that only exists on Generation-2 islands. Iron mines are a generative source ofIcon rawIron.pngRaw Iron. Island owners can be upgrade their iron mine to allow other players to use them while earning Raw Iron passively.

How to Use[edit]

To use your Mine you must first Stake your Island. Right click on the Minecart at the front of the mine in order to send it in. After 24 seconds the minecart will return with a block of Iron Ore inside it. By destroying the block of Iron Ore using a Pickaxe the player can obtain a piece Raw Iron.

Upgrading your Iron Mine[edit]

When the iron mine runs out of iron ore, you can upgrade it to the level 2 iron mine for a payment of 1000 Palm Wood and 5000 Stone. When you upgrade your mine it will be unavailable for 24 hours. The level 2 iron mine refreshes with more iron at 4PM PST every day. Upgrading the iron mine to level 2 also allows anybody to use it, even if they do not have permissions on your Island. The owner of the island will passively receive raw iron every time somebody uses their level 2 mine. It will build up in the generator chest next to the mine.

Mine Level Resources Required for Upgrade Upgrade Speed Description
Level 1 Included on Generation 2 Islands N/A Allows island members to mine a finite amount of Raw Iron. Once it is empty it needs to be upgraded.
Level 2 1000 Palm Wood & 5000 Stone 24 hours Refills with iron every day at 4PM PST. Allows anyone to use the Iron Mine and earn the Island Owner Raw Iron passively and adds a Generator Chest beside the mine.

Earn Iron Passively[edit]

The owner of the Iron Mine will passively gain Raw Iron in their Generator Chest when their mine is used by anybody. The amount in the Generator Chest will be equal to the amount mined from the Minecart. Right click on the Generator Chest to access the interface. Note that if the generator chest can only hold 64 items, you will not receive any additional royalties until the chest is emptied.
Generatorchest.jpg Genchest2.png