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Huge Update! Anyone can now claim and play on Islands for free!
Need help getting started? See the Islands page for instructions.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

Logging in

Click the key Icon oldKey.png icon on the top-right of the screen and use your login details to login in. If you do not have an account yet, please visit Create Account and Connect Wallet.

First Steps

Now that you are logged in you are good to go!
You should start by learning the controls and moving around on your Raft while completing the Beginner Challenges located at the top left of the screen. You can also start with finding Icon stick.pngSticks and Icon rope.pngRopes floating around the Hub ocean to make a Icon fishingRod.png Fishing Rod. After you are able to craft a Fishing Rod, you can check the Fishing page for more detailed guidance, or the crafting page for more crafting recipes.

Create a Free Island

Any player can create their very own Island for free. To do this they must first use their Fishing Rod to fish for Sea Junk and catch a Icon compass.pngCompass. The player must then take the compass to the Captain in any Hub. He will take you to your very own Island in exchange for the compass!

Every Branch island layers.png Island starts with 1 fully grown Palm Tree & Sugar Cane, a Icon woodAxe.png Wood Axe, and the basic terraformed island featuring 12 blocks of Icon blockGrass.png grass, 12 of Icon blockStone.png stone, and 20 blocks of Icon blockSand.png sand.

For further information on Islands please visit the Island page.