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For the guide on catching fish see (Fishing)

There are many types of fish in Castaways. All fish can be eaten as food to restore hunger.


Fish will appear next to a player from time to time. A fish will appear as a small to large-sized silhouette indicating the size of the fish. Fish can be caught by fishing with a Fishing Rod and are caught in variable quantities of 1-3 each win. To catch a big fish, multiple players must reel it in at once.

Types of Fish

Fish in this table are in order from least rare at the top and most rare at the bottom. They are also in order from smallest at the top to largest at the bottom. The whale is the largest and rarest fish in the game. The lower the spawn rate of the fish, the rarer it is.

Icon Name Spawn Rate Hunger Restored
Icon shrimp.png Shrimp
Icon seahorse.png Seahorse
Icon crab.png Crab
Icon clownfish.png Clownfish
Icon puffer.png Pufferfish
Icon seaTurtle.png Seaturtle
Icon squid.png Squid
Icon dolphin.png Dolphin
Icon shark.png Shark
Icon whale.png Whale

Big Fish

A big fish is any fish that takes more than 1 player to reel in. You can tell before hand by the large fish silhouette. Big Fish includes the Shark, Dolphin, Squid, and Whale. When a big fish is present, multiple players are required to start the rhythm game. Upon casting a line on a big fish, a popup window will appear above the fish saying it needs more players to be reeled in. This will also show any nearby players that you are trying to reel in a big fish and need help. When the required number of players have casted their fishing rods on the silhouette, the rhythm game will start. All players with a fishing rod hooked on the fish will compete with one another. The player who gets the highest score wins the game and is the only person to receive the big fish. 2 players are required to catch a shark, dolphin or squid and 3 players are needed to catch a whale.

Fish Silhouettes

Before catching a fish you will not know exactly which fish it is. A fish silhouette of a random size will spawn. Shrimp, Seahorse and Crab can be caught from the small fish silhouettes. Clownfish, Pufferfish and Seaturtle can be caught from the medium fish silhouettes.Squid, Dolphin and Shark can be caught from the large fish silhouettes. Whale can be caught from the largest fish silhouette.

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Fish can be used as food to restore hunger. To do this, point the camera at your character's face and press the right mouse button.

Homestead update

Fish can be used for producing seeds. Players can and place fish in a bird feeder. Then a seagull comes, eats the fish, and leaves the poop instead which contains seed. The more rare fish placed in the feeder, the higher the chance of rare seeds dropping.