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This is the guide on how to control your character and use functions in game.

Description Key
Keybinds in Castaways
Move Forward W
Move Left A
Move Backwards S
Move Right D
Dismount Raft Space
Move Camera Click and drag Left Mouse Button
Switch to First Person Camera Scroll Wheel Up
Switch to Third Person Camera Scroll Wheel Down
Destroy Block Hold Left Mouse Button
Swing Weapon(with Weapon in hand) Left Mouse Button
Interaction Key Right Mouse Button
Cast fishing line (with Fishing Rod in hand)
Eat (with Food in hand)
Place Block (with Block in hand)
Mount Raft
Water Plant (with Watering Can in hand)
Access Sack
Open Chest
Interact with NPC
Switch Held Item 1-8 Number Keys
Left click item in hotbar.
Toggle Microphone M
Toggle Chat C
Pop Up Invite Link L
Open Inventory E
Discard Item Q
Drag item out of inventory.
Use Island Selector I
Edit Permissions Check Permissions Page for full command list.


The upper toolbar is divided into three sections. toolbar.png

Help Button

The rescue float provides the link to Castaways discord. Toolbardiscord.png

Social Options

The section in the center of the screen has access to enable/disable the microphone, enable/disable the chat, and copy the invitation link. Toolbar2.png

Web3 Connectivity

The section located on the right side of the screen has different options: Claim Chests, Equip DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key, Access collectibles, Stake your island and Login/connect your wallet. Toolbar3.png