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Challenges are various objectives located at the top left of the players screen. Some challenges offer rewards while others do not.


Beginner Challenges[edit]

These are the objectives offered to new players in order to guide them through the gameplay and provide them with some basic resources as rewards.

Challenge # Challenge
1 Move your raft (120m)
2 Craft a fishing rod
3 Fish for sea junk
4 Catch a fish
5 Create or join an Island
6 Chop down a palm tree
7 Plant a coconut
8 Mine 8 stone
9 Craft a furnace
10 Mine 8 coal
11 Collect lava with a bucket
12 Generate stone (60)
13 Expand your island (30)
14 Put fish in a bird feeder
15 Plant a seed
16 Water your seeds
17 Harvest a crop
18 Craft a composter
19 Generate dirt (60)